Woodlanders Gathering


How the Woodlanders Gathering Works

Choose the days you plan to attend and fill each day with as many workshops as you can fit into your schedule, ensuring that your choices don’t overlap times. Pay the $115 day fee for each of the days you plan to attend, as well as the materials fees listed at the end of each workshop description.

Day fees include: your choice of workshops, lunch, snacks, beverages, and evening activities. Thursday and Sunday registrants are welcome to attend evening events on Friday or Saturday.

If you are registering more than one person for workshops, please use the Additional Information box at checkout to identify who will be taking each workshop to help us prepare welcome materials and inform instructors.

Guest lunches for persons traveling with you who are not attending workshops are available for purchase below scheduled classes.

Rustic Arts & Nature Crafts

July 8 - 11, 2021

It’s like summer camp for adults!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced craftsperson, you are in for an incredibly fun and creative time with nearly 40 nature-based workshops to choose from and more than 30 talented instructors to work with. Create rustic furniture, garden structures, baskets, or concrete/mosaic sculptures; try your hand at blacksmithing, woodcarving, working with leather, fiber, gourds, and more. Take time to relax, soak up the sunshine, enjoy the company of a great group of nature loving folks, and discover the magic of Shake Rag Alley’s lush gardens, tall trees, historic buildings, and natural spring fed stream.

Come for a day, two, three or the entire four days and have the time of your life! 

Thursday, July 9

7:30-8:30                    Registration check-in

8:30-11:30      A01    Copper Leaf Fold Form Leaf Earrings: Wollangk

8:30-11:30      A02    Stick Figure Sculpture: Wilson

8:30-11:30      A03    Blacksmithing Basics and Open Forge: Eagan

8:30-4:00        A04    Bent Willow Mosaic Table: Schakel

11:30-1:00                  Lunch on the Green

1:00-5:00        A05    Carve Rubber Stamps and Print Cards: Sutcliffe

1:00-5:00        A06    Log Cabin Planter: Anderson

1:00-5:00        A07    Fairy House and Furniture: Sterba

1:00-5:00        A08    TeePee Garden Trellis: Soman

Friday, July 10

7:30-8:30                    Registration check-in

8:30-11:30      B01    Found Object Sculpture: Donovan

8:30-11:30      B02    Intro to Throwing on a Potters Wheel: White

8:30-11:30      B03    Leaf Stamp and Stitch Table Runner: Thuli

8:30-11:30      B04    Rustic Forked Branch Shelf: Eagan

8:30-11:30      B05    Forging Leaf Hooks: Aavang

8:30-11:30      B06    Crackle Finished Gourd Bowl: Ready

8:30-4:00        B07    Zarzo Willow and Bark Basket: Kopecky

8:30-4:00        B08    Bottle Cap Fish Sculpture: Wollangk

11:30-1:00                  Lunch on the Green

1:00-4:00        B09    Nature Imprints in Clay: Johnston

1:00-5:00        B10    Todd’s Xmas: Kingery

1:00-5:00        B11    Print and Bind a Book of Leaves: Sutcliffe

1:00-5:00        B12    Forging a Calla Lilly and a Hook: Aavang

1:00-5:00        B13    Rustic Bathroom Ensemble: Arendt

1:00-5:00        B14    Chip Carve and Decorate a “Little Nothings” Box: Ristow

5:00-6:30        B15    Picnic on the Green

6:30-8:00        B16    Rustic Twig War

Saturday, July 11

7:30-8:30                    Registration check-in

8:30-11:30      C01    Personalized Walking Stick: Whitt

8:30-11:30      C02    Get a (Rustic) Handle On It!: Wilson

8:30-11:30      C03    Rustic Garden Bench: Kulick

8:30-11:30      C04    Silk Scarf Dying and Painting: Welch

8:30-11:30      C05    Comforting Doodlebird: Ristow

8:30-11:30      C06    Soaps and Scrubs: Kulick

8:30-4:30        C07    Woodcarving a Sandpiper: Scheuer

8:30-4:30        C08    Blacksmithing a Garden Bell: Tuftee

11:30-1:00                  Lunch on the Green

1:00-4:00        C09    Burlap and Leather Placemats and Coasters: Spelić

1:00-5:00        C10    Rock and Bottle Rain Chain: Rogness

1:00-5:00        C11    Silverware Jewelry and More: Gieseke

1:00-5:00        C12    Spirit of the Garden: Kingery

1:00-5:00        C13    Carve a Linocut Leaf: Sutcliffe

1:00-5:00        C14    Gourd/Stone Bowl: Ready

5:00-6:30        C15    Picnic on the Green

6:30-8:00        C16    Fun Evening Event TBA

Sunday, July 12

7:30-8:30                    Registration check-in

8:30-11:30      D01    The Life of Trees: Johnson

8:30-11:30      D02    Faux Scrimshaw on Deer Bone: Kostohrys

8:30-11:30      D03    Bent Willow Wall Shelf: Cabezas

8:30-11:30      D04    Nature Printing on Shirts: Kitto

8:30-11:30      D05    Welding Intro: Knife, Fork and Spoon Flower: Anderson

11:30-1:00                  Lunch on the Green

1:00-5:00        D06    Leather Travelers Notebook: Sutcliffe

1:00-5:00        D07    Hypertufa Yard Art: Spelić

1:00-5:00        D08    Accent Table/Plant Stand: Soman

1:00-4:00        D09    Hang It All: Sellon

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Friday, July 9, 2021

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Guest Lunches

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