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We publish a new curriculum in January of each year. Instructors are expected to have all workshop information, including photos and supply lists, finalized by mid-October.

Instructor Prospectus

At Shake Rag Alley, we strive to create community while students learn, have fun, and engage their creativity. The networking and fellowship helps create new friendships, sparks new ideas, and fosters new opportunities (and, we hope, for the artists, commissions and sales!).

Our classes are small, usually 9 or fewer students with minimums set at 3-5 students depending on what it takes to cover instructor fees while keeping student fees in line.

Workshops can range from one half day to a full day to two days or more. We have several classroom spaces on the historic Shake Rag Alley campus, as well as a large jewelry studio space, the Lind Pavilion around the corner, and the Sardeson Pottery Studio a five-minute walk away. When appropriate we also sometimes utilize other venues in the community or hold classes outdoors under tents or trees.

Workshop Proposal

There are several ways to submit a teaching proposal. For 2025, please submit the Workshop Proposal form. We accept proposals throughout the year, with a deadline of September 30. If you are unable to complete the online form, please contact Christina Kubasta, Executive Director, at

We can also be reached at:

Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Attn: Christina Kubasta
18 Shake Rag St.
Mineral Point, WI 53565


Feel free to include any class description materials you may have and, especially important, please provide a photo (jpeg preferred) of completed work representative of what students will be doing in your workshop.

We build programming throughout the year and are always looking for engaging classes, fresh ideas, and new ways to inspire creativity.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Curriculum Committee

Campus Map: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts

Coach House
18 Shake Rag Street

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Art Café

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Ellery House

3 of 31


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5 of 31

Open Air Parking

6 of 31

Lind Pavilion Parking

7 of 31

Roadside Parking
allowed on Commerce Street

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Smejas’ Studio parking

9 of 31

Smejas’ Studio
30 Doty Street

10 of 31

Curbside Parking
as indicated

11 of 31

Accessible Parking
with curb cut

12 of 31

Alley Stage

13 of 31

Cabinet Shop

14 of 31

French Cabin

15 of 31

1830 Log Cabin

16 of 31

Potter’s House

17 of 31

Blacksmith Barn

18 of 31

Federal Spring

19 of 31

Monarch Garden

20 of 31

Lind Pavilion
411 Commerce Street

21 of 31

two blocks to

High Street & Commerce Street
Restaurants, Shops & Galleries

22 of 31

To Grocery Store
Point Foods
622 Dodge Street

23 of 31

Street Parking with Additional Parking behind Smejas’ Studio

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The Green
open air park

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Stair Steps
Cabinet Shop & Lind Pavilion

26 of 31

Stair Steps
to Alley Stage

27 of 31

Stone Bridge
Federal Spring

28 of 31
The Sardeson
223 Commerce St.
The Sardeson is home to the
Sardeson Pottery Studio,
Roland’s Loft,
and Tuckpoint. 29 of 31

Weaving & Fiber Arts Studio

Cannery Row Arts Incubator
121 Water St.

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ADA accessible buildings: Lind Pavilion, Coach House, Smejas’ Studio