Youth Program

Creative fun for kids of all ages has been a focus of Shake Rag Alley programming since its founding in 2004. Children’s classes began that year as an after-school arts and crafts program and continue to expose participants to new skills and creative engagement every June-August.

In 2022 we will be offering kids a variety of creative hands-on activities in small-group in-person settings at Shake Rag Alley as well as a selection of popular take-and-make kits. Prices for most of the kits range from the same $10 to $12 cost of the original classes. If a kit needs to be mailed, the cost of mailing will be added to the base price.

Special pricing is available. For more information, contact Youth Program Director Elizabeth Johanna or call the office at (608) 987-3292.

For more family-friendly programs, see our Annual Events page.

After purchasing a workshop and picking up the kit, or receiving it by mail, your child will have the supplies needed to complete your project. Let’s get started!

2022 Youth Program workshops