Women's Art Party

Third Wednesday of the Month

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Lind Pavilion
411 Commerce St.
Mineral Point

From March to November, women gather in the Lind Pavilion for creative camaraderie. Newcomers are always welcome. Each month a new project is planned and announced. Participants and/or local artists take turns leading Women’s Art Party projects, introducing new materials and sharing techniques. There’s no need to bring anything but yourself, as all necessary supplies will be waiting when you arrive. If you’d prefer to work on something other than the monthly project, bring your own project and work at anything you’d like. This is a friendly group. Come try it out. Make crafts. Make friends. Make crafts with friends!

Project fee: $5. Additional materials fee may apply.

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Cast Cement Leaves – with paint! These make great items for garden or porch display. Make a leaf casting, and learn techniques to paint the leaf, all in one session!

For the first part of the project, together we will cast cement leaves. Bring a leaf if you have one in mind, otherwise we will have some to choose from. Curing takes from 2 days to a week, so plan to leave yours in place on campus for picking up later. Next, we will have your second leaf already cast and ready to paint. Using this leaf, Cindy will deliver a lesson on painting. You’ll take this information with you and apply it to your own beautiful leaf once it is cured and ready… so you’ll have two leaves in all!

This session will be outdoors. All materials provided, but bring some sturdy gloves (yellow dishwashing gloves are ideal) if you have them, and a mask.

Project fee: $5 Additonal materials fee: $5


2019 Women's Art Party Gallery

Women’s Art Party

Dot Painting

Cindy Fleming led the group as they painted designs comprised of dots onto everything from bags and vinyl albums, to rocks and paper.

Women’s Art Party

Ava Fernekes Mousetraps

Honoring local artist Ava Fernekes, whose red shoes and whimsical rosmaled mousetraps were iconic in the burgeoning Mineral Point arts community of the 1940s, Women’s Art Party participants created both mousetraps and mice!

Learn more about Ave Fenekes in the Voice of the River Valley.


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