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Our instructors are drawn from a wealth of talented teachers, including nationally known artists from across the country and across the street. They are innovative craftsmen and artists who enjoy trying new techniques and love sharing what they do with their students.

If you are an experienced art, craft, writing, or performing arts instructor and are interested in teaching at Shake Rag Alley, click here for more information.

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Jeremy Payne

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Jeremy “JP” Vincent is Baby Nova’s daddy, life partner, joy-pository-mentor, PhD student pause out, advocate, organizer, outdoor nurturer, and critical contextualizer. He is also a joy-transmitter who breathes life into social work practice and provider work, lecturer, trainer, coach, and facilitator when called to task.

JP’s roots are in Memphis, TN, and Cairo, IL. He grew up in South Side Chicago and its suburbs before moving to the Southwest Wisconsin Tri-State area in 2008. He has a BS in Health and Wellness, an MSE in Adult Education-Human Services, and a Social Worker Certification. He has over 10+ years of experience in educational and supportive services across diverse communities.

JP is the Owner+Founder of My Black Carrot Mentoring Hub, a social change platform that offers Cultural Education, Mentoring Empowerment, Social Activation-Transformation Coaching, and Outdoor Nurture (CMEST). The hub empowers individuals, institutions, and cultures toward self-determination and joyful existence using innovative, grounded, and experiential methods.

JP is also a co-founder organizer at Black Platteville Community Network, in-love advocate for Subversive Social Work, certified Peacemaking Circle Keeper, an Emotional Intelligence Diversity Institute Facilitator, and a Stop The Hate Campus Pride Trainer. He is passionate about outdoor nurture and a trusted local advocate. He embodies transformation, justice, and reimagined human services and helping work within and beyond the margins.

JP draws wisdom from ancestors, elders, youth, acquired knowledge and lived experiences. He speaks truthfully about outdoor nurture, collective care, love, re-conceptual mentoring, leadership, identity, and community social change. Formative life experiences encourages him to challenges oppressive norms, encourages authenticity, and breaks free from internalized harm. He is committed to what he describes as love work, especially within and beyond marginalized communities.

JP extends a ‘love ethic’ to all his interactions. He does love work with people of all ages, helping them explore their personal narratives, affirm their identities, understand their emotions, and fulfill their human promise. His calling is to flow like a river, soar like birds, and share resources like a BLK Carrot—adapting to changing conditions and social landscapes.

Imagine the bountiful harvest from a well-rested field—a loving, joyous, harmonious exchange that enriches all involved.

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