Art at Home

Art at Home: Suzi Dillinger

In the class, Creating Art Cloth With Resists, Suzi will introduce students to several methods of applying a resist to fabric. One of those ways is with a Fun Foam stamp. Learn to make these versatile stamps, which can be used… Continue Reading…

Art at Home

Art at Home: Sarah Mann

No matter what your jewelry design is, taking into consideration the texture of your metal is a great way to add more vibrancy, depth and appeal to your finished piece. You needn’t settle for a typical high buff shine when… Continue Reading…

Art at Home

Art at Home: Dierdra Stary

Use old clothes, T-shirts, and other significant fabrics to make a quilt that reveals and records a person’s life. It’s a bit of a walk down memory lane, and it gives the fabrics a second life. Get started now, with… Continue Reading…

Art at Home

Art at Home: Richard Moninski

Stuck at home with limited art supplies?  Surely you have a ball point pen.  Though not always thought of as being an art-making tool, it’s often used as a component in mixed media/collage pieces.  Some wonderful pieces made by “outsider”… Continue Reading…

Art at Home

Art at Home: Gary Jones

A memoir functions much like a photograph album, a series of figurative snapshots, each evoking a specific memory. It is not a chronological autobiography, but rather a composite, like pointillism dots, and the farther a reader steps back, the more… Continue Reading…

Art at Home

Art at Home: Maday Delgado

A sewing machine offers superior speed, but the right amount of hand-stitching invigorates a project in a manner that a machine simply cannot. It is also satisfying to take a low tech and portable approach to creativity with low impact… Continue Reading…

Art at Home

Art at Home: Serena Barton

A simple abstract landscape is a great way to experiment with oil and cold wax. In this tutorial, Serena Barton introduces baseline techniques from her Bold and Uninhibited: Oil & Cold Wax Painting workshop at Shake Rag Alley, September 25-27.… Continue Reading…


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