Sep 30 2023 - Oct 01 2023


All Day

Off-the-Wall Spontaneous Construction

This workshop is for those without preconceived notions. Your piece(s) may tell thought-provoking stories: humorous, gothic, steampunk, enigmatic, serious. Recognize happy accidents while turning weathered, rusty, whimsical, and incongruous items into really cool pieces of art. Turn cast-off junk into secrets in a box. Make ordinary objects other-worldly, such as a useless but epic bicycle, reliquary, an invented game, or a classic study. Paint your assemblage, glue it, nail it, staple it, break it, tie it, or pound it. Tear it up, turn it inside out. Your piece(s) might be grungy, pristine, rusty, or shiny, monochrome or colorful. Receive as much or as little feedback and help as you want, with ongoing group sharing in the daily mix.