Aug 26 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Art Adventure Retreat: Acrylic Textures & Layers

The best thing about working with acrylic paint is the versatility of the medium. Jacqueline is a certified teacher for Golden Paints and will use her experience to guide students in exploring making various textures to be used in their painting practice. We’ll work with textural elements like tissue and cheesecloth and other household items. Students will learn about acrylic pastes and mediums as they build their textured painting. The paintings will be built layer by layer with textures on top of one another as well as in separate areas. Students will be painting with thin glazes of acrylic paint and then begin adding additional layers of textures and paint. This will result in richly textured surfaces and very interesting abstract paintings. Students will develop an understanding of how to make many different acrylic mediums work better for them in their art work. Using the principles of design in creating an abstract painting is an integral part of the class.

This workshop is part of the Art Adventure Mixed-Media Retreat, August 25-28, 2022