Aug 26 - 27 2023


All Day

Abstracts with Oil & Cold Wax

Wax has a long and esteemed history in art and writing. Wax tablets were used with writing in the 7th century B.C. Today, wax has evolved into a translucent medium that is mixed with oil paints. Cold wax can be worked into a textural surface for carving marks, or to encapsulate and suspend collage elements. Often used abstractly, carving patterns and making marks is used widely by the abstract artists who work with oil and cold wax. In this class, wax and paint will be brushed, smeared, and spread into a pleasing composition of layered, translucent color. Once the layers are built, you can work back into them, making marks and patterns. When layering paint, understanding color theory is very important, particularly with translucent paint.