Oct 11 - 13 2024

Moku Hanga: An Intro to Japanese Woodblock Printing

Moku Hanga, meaning “wood print,” is a simple, centuries-old Japanese technique employing water-based ink, basic carving and rubbing tools, beautiful Japanese paper, and fine-grained wood. Many Western printmaking methods involve complex printing presses, oil-based inks, and toxic solvents. By contrast, Moku Hanga utilizes only a few simple tools, a small work space, and is entirely water-based. Alfred will teach you to hand-carve and print your unique drawing from fine-grained Shina Plywood onto beautiful Japanese paper, a skill you can continue to use to make prints for many years. No experience necessary. You are encouraged to bring photos or drawings you can use in creating your print. Materials fee covers papers and other supplies.