Sep 12 - 15 2024

Allegories of Virtue & Vice: A Mixed Media Journey

Within every stroke of color, every juxtaposed image, lies a hidden narrative waiting to emerge. This class draws inspiration from the poignant work of Paolo Veronese, beckoning you to explore the dualities of human nature through mixed media art where virtues stand in silent valor and vices whisper in tempting hues. Discover the art of layering with special focus on incorporating fresco-like textures that pay homage to the old masters while embracing the versatility of contemporary materials. By the end of our four-day escapade, you will have honed your technique in mixed media and created a compelling visual lexicon of your innermost reflections. The duality of light and shadow, the spectrum of human virtues and vices, awaits your interpretative brush. Materials Fee includes collage material and ephemera, specialty papers for textural techniques, specialty mediums (Gloss gel, Glazing Medium, Mica Flakes, molding paste, light molding paste), and other shared supplies.