May 30 2024 - Jun 02 2024

Board To Be Wild

Ah, the nostalgia of childhood board games! The anticipation of the roll, the quirky pieces, and those vibrant, intricate boards. Admittedly, in my early years, rules were more of a suggestion . . . who expects an 8-year-old to appreciate Monopoly without a dash of imagination? To be honest, Clue still puzzles me to this day. Now, Operation, that’s a game with no need for instructions—just lights, buzzes, and plastic bones! But I digress. In this workshop, unleash your inner child to craft the board game you always yearned for. From crafting pieces to intricate boards with an array of materials, the stranger, the better. Tweak an existing game or start from scratch with found objects, let your creativity run wild! Interested? It’s your move.