Women's Art Party: Zipper Jewelry

June 16, 2021

Schedule: Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Cheryl Smeja

Registration Deadline: June 15


Make unusual jewelry with metal teeth zippers. A long time ago Cheryl Smeja made leather handbags and has boxes of zippers left over which she is happy to share. Most of them are dark colors, black brown and gray. You’re welcome to bring your own colored zippers. Metal teeth look the best, but nylon teeth might be fun too.


  • Zippers
  • Ribbon for foundations
  • Ribbon bracelet findings
  • Pin backs
  • Leather scraps
  • Hot glue/Glue guns to share
  • Scissors to share

Please Bring:

  • Sewing needles and thread
  • Buttons and beads if you like

Gather safely in the Lind Pavilion, 411 Commerce St., on Wednesday, June 16, from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Masks are required.

Cost $5 project fee

Workshop ID wap-june Catalogs ,