Women's Art Party - Cement Leaves

July 15, 2020

Schedule: 6:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Cindy Fleming

Registration Deadline: July 14

Meet near the Potter's House, on campus at 18 Shake Rag St.


Cast Cement Leaves – with paint! These make great items for garden or porch display. Make a leaf casting, and learn techniques to paint the leaf, all in one session!

For the first part of the project, together we will cast cement leaves. Bring a leaf if you have one in mind, otherwise we will have some to choose from. Curing takes from 2 days to a week, so plan to leave yours in place on campus for picking up later. Next, we will have your second leaf already cast and ready to paint. Using this leaf, Cindy will deliver a lesson on painting. You’ll take this information with you and apply it to your own beautiful leaf once it is cured and ready… so you’ll have two leaves in all!

Please Note: This session will be outdoors. All materials provided, but bring some sturdy gloves (yellow dishwashing gloves are ideal) if you have them, and a mask.

Meet near the Potter’s House, on the Shake Rag Alley campus, 18 Shake Rag St.

Cost is the usual $5 workshop fee plus $5 for materials.

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