Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts

A Picnic & A Play

September 4, 2021

Schedule: 1 pm Sat

Instructor: Kurt McGinnis Brown

Registration Deadline: Sept 3


Enjoy a picnic lunch on the Shake Rag Alley campus surrounded by gardens and historic buildings as Mineral Point teen musician Libby Dunn performs on flute. Then stroll over to Alley Stage at 1 p.m. for a staged reading of Love or Forever? by playwright Kurt McGinnis Brown, a comedy that explores what happens to love if humans can live forever.

Turns out even the heart can be replaced by something better, like the synthetic one Marilyn, 62, plans to get that lasts 400 million beats. “A hundred more years!” she says to Russ, the neighbor she’s wooing. But Russ couldn’t care less about living even another couple of seconds after his wife of 33 years ditched him. With Marilyn’s daughter again living at home and writing a book about a love affair, and her not-so-ex-boyfriend about to explode with jealousy, the characters must deal with the end of the wonderful fantasy of “I’ll love you forever” — because forever just got a lot longer.

Approximately 90 minutes; no intermission. Note: Adult themes and language.

The cast includes Lisa Duwell, Leslie Damaso, Nathan Gieske, and Heather Harris from Mineral Point; and Bryan Royston from Madison.

Kurt McGinnis Brown’s plays have been performed throughout the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and Chicago Dramatists. As communications director for a research center, Kurt has worked on poverty and land issues in Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Peru, and Russia. His current project is a memoir titled You: The Final Fiction.

Cost $5

Purchase a Picnic Lunch available for pick up on the Shake Rag Alley campus at noon by clicking here or bring your own.

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