Makers & Shakers Art Party: Just Like Grandma’s Potholders

March 15, 2023

Schedule: 6:30-8:30 pm

Instructor: Carole Spelic'

Registration Deadline: March 14

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Come to the March Makers & Shakers Art Party to revisit creating the classic woven potholder! If you had a 7” loom and a handful of knit loops, you may have made a few in your childhood…or, if you’re like project leader Carole Spelic’, you never stopped making them. Super-useful, washable, colorful, and cute as heck, these potholders may represent the height of “heritage craft.”

We’ll provide cotton loops and sturdy looms (but bring your own loom if you have one, or two, or…?) as well as some pattern ideas to get you started.

PLEASE NOTE: This month’s Art Party will be held in the Smejas’ Studio, right across from the Lind Pavilion at 30 Doty Street.

Class Size 12

Cost $5 project fee ($3 for additional potholders, paid to instructor)

Project fee waived for middle and high school students!

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