Jewelry Boot Camp Lunch - Friday

April 30, 2021

Schedule: Friday Lunch Delivery

Instructor: The Walker House

Registration Deadline: April 28


Authentic Cornish Pasty Meal

Prepared by The Walker House

Note: The Food Network chose our beef pasty as best in the state!

  • Walker House Salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side
  • Saffron Bun with butter on the side
  • Beef, Vegetarian, Salmon or Gluten-Free Beef Pasty with pasty sauce on the side
  • Figgyhobbin with caramel sauce


Please provide your choice of pasty filling in the Order Note section at checkout!

To supply your choices in the order note, you will need to use the black “Proceed to Checkout” button (see image of button at left). This will take you to a secondary checkout page with a space for entering a note. PayPal buttons will not provide a space to enter your selection. Thank you for taking this extra step to ensure you receive your meal of choice.

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