Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts

B11-Rustic Twig War

July 9, 2021

Schedule: 6:30-8 pm Fri

Registration Deadline: Registration extended to July 8!


You’ll get sorted into motley teams and all will be challenged to create — from a general stash of branches, scrap wood, junk, and weird stuff — something special, revealed only at the last moment. And it must be done in what’s left of an hour or so, and judged by a local artist. This is crazy fun! The constructs will be on display and maybe even auctioned off. Free.

Class size 50

  • Materials Fee $0

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Friday, July 9, Workshop Schedule:

7:30-8:30                 Registration check-in

8:30-11:30     B01     Found Object Sculpture: Donovan

8:30-11:30      B02     Leaf Stamp and Stitch Table Runner: Thuli

8:30-11:30      B03     Forging Leaf Hooks: Aavang

8:30-11:30      B04     Crackle Finished Gourd Bowl: Ready

8:30-4:00       B05     Bottle Cap Fish Sculpture: Wollangk & Wollangk

11:30-1:00                  Lunch on the Green

1:00-4:00        B06     Nature Imprints in Clay: Johnston

1:00-5:00        B07     Todd’s Xmas: Kingery

1:00-5:00        B08    Forging a Calla Lilly and a Hook: Aavang

1:00-5:00        B09    Rustic Bathroom Ensemble: Arendt

5:00-6:30        B10    Picnic on the Green

630-8:00         B11    Rustic Twig War

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