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Texturizing Metal

add unique personality to your jewelry design

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Sarah Mann

Sarah Mann is a professional jeweler of over 20 years. She studied jewelry design under Heikki Seppa at Washington University in St. Louis and at the Fuji Studio in Florence.

Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is represented in galleries across the country.

Sarah lives and works in Milwaukee, where she creates stunning sterling silver jewelry. View her work at

No matter what your jewelry design is, taking into consideration the texture of your metal is a great way to add more vibrancy, depth and appeal to your finished piece. You needn’t settle for a typical high buff shine when there are so many ways to enhance the intrigue of the surface treatment. A few easy techniques that I employ in my jewelry are mizzy wheel, sanding disk, and steel wool. They each provide their own personality.

Mizzy Wheel

Mizzy wheel creates fine shimmery striations by drawing a rotating stone across the surface of the metal.

Tighten your mizzy wheel into your flex shaft or Dremel. Hold metal securely in one hand while other hand draws the spinning mizzy wheel toward you across the surface. The harder you press, the deeper the impression. Sweep many times to texturize entire area.

Sanding Disk

Sanding disk creates satiny swirls if the surface is disked in multiple directions.

Tighten sanding disk into your flex shaft or Dremel. Hold metal securely in one hand while other hand glides the spinning sanding disk along surface. Turn the metal in various directions to create a random pattern.

Steel Wool

The finer the grade of steel wool, the more delicate the finish. I use a medium fine grade to knock the shine off of the metal and create a soft tone. Simply rub the steel wool in a circular motion around on the surface.

Steel Wool

Sanding Disk

Mizzy Wheel

Voila! You’ve just added a level of interest and sophistication to your jewelry!

Looking forward to guiding you through the design and creation of your lovely piece of jewelry using these techniques….and much, much more!