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T-Shirt / Memory Quilt Class

preserve & cuddle your memories

This workshop is scheduled for June 12-14, 2020.

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Dierdra Stary

Dierdra has been sewing since she was 16 years old.  She has been playing with fabric for a while longer, as her mom taught her how to use a sewing machine at age 12. She says, “It’s been a kinky love affair with fabric and fiber ever since.” She’s had a 26-year career designing, sewing, and altering costumes for various theater programs around Northeastern Wisconsin.

Upon “retiring” from the theatre, Dierdra focused on fiber arts. She was hired at the Artisan and Business Center of NWTC as a quilting and sewing teacher. More recently, she has been the fiber lab tech for the Long Arm and Textiles Studio there. Dierdra went back to school to learn about fiber-related techniques she did not know in order to further the Fiber Lab’s offerings.

Dierdra has quilts around the world in places as diverse as Germany, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and China. She currently assists clients with finishing their quilts on the Long-Arm machines, teaches long-arm quilting on occasion, and enjoys creating in her craft room while her husband reads novels to her. Ah, the life. Xoxo

Step One

This is probably the hardest part of the entire project! Choose your shirts.

13 to 15 makes a nice lap-size quilt for a single bed. 20 to 25 makes a queen-size quilt for a double bed. 30 to 36 makes a king-size quilt for a big bed.

You can use the fronts, backs, and even the pocket and sleeve images/wording.

Step Two

Now the scary part.

Rough cut out each image / section of the shirt. Be generous with how you are doing this. 

You will be squaring up before we sew the fabric on it.

Step Three

Here is the squaring up.

I like leaving 1” of shirt around the image.  This way I am using a little of the T-shirt material and can be assured of a square block when all is said and done.

Step Four

LOL!  Choose your fabric.  I’ll be bringing most of what you see here in this picture for you to play with on your quilts. This is my fabric stash. I use it for all my patchwork quilts, t-shirt quilts, and the like. I even have four rubbermaid containers for you to frolic in. Ah, the fun!

Sew on the fabric you picked out. Yeah – this sounds simple, but because there are a bunch of different designs we will be discussing in class, it really can be the most creative part of the quilt. (What you see in the picture, to the left, is just one of several ways to finish the block.)

Once your fabric is sewn on and you have a big enough block (around 19” square), then we square up the block to a size of 18.5”. This will then finish to 18” square.

That is it. Now just 11 more for a lap quilt or 19 more for a queen or 29/35 more for a king. You can even make pillows from one of the images to match the quilt.

Once you know this technique, the world’s your oyster.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in class in June. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns before class starts; please email me at