Art at home

Funny Animals

Make a stand-up animal card!

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A great project for children or adults alike! Maybe you can work on this together!

Our Shake Rag Alley youth program director, Elizabeth Johanna, has put together a fun project for you to make at home. Try your hand at making an animal card that can be written on and sent through the mail, or just be perched on a shelf for display.

This art kit includes a few things you will need. If you want to draw your own animal, you’ll find a template to use just for cutting out the main shape. If you’d like to use one of Elizabeth’s silly animals, she’s created four different animal cards you could print and color.


  1. Choose the page you want to work with and click to expand for printing – or print directions and all patterns using the button above.
  2. Print the document at 100% on 8.5 x11-inch paper or cardstock.
  3. After printing, fold the sheet of paper where indicated.
  4. If you’re working with Elizabeth’s nutty creatures, you’re ready to color that animal with colored pencils or crayons.
  5. If you’ve chosen to draw your own animal, Elizabeth has some tips for you! Read on!

An easy way to start an animal card is to copy some lines from a photograph or drawing. Look in magazines for an animal about the same size as the template. Find a sunny window and tape up that photo or drawing. Place your print of the blank cutout form over it and, with pencil, lightly trace some of the important lines, like the outline and facial features of the animal. Now you can take your drawing down and work at a table. It’s time to add your own lines! Use a thin black marker or a black colored pencil and draw right over the light pencil lines. If you are fussy, erase any bits of pencil lines not covered. Get out your colored pencils or crayons and have fun coloring the animal you just drew yourself!

     6. To finish your card – don’t forget to cut out along the outermost heavy lines!

One more tip: If your card will not stand up when perched, use a small ring of tape tucked inside the folded card to make it sturdier.

Got ideas for other stand-up drawings that do not fit this format? Make your own cutout shape! Be creative and enjoy your art project!