Art at Home

Little Folded Books

from one sheet of paper

Start your own book-a-day club with these simple one-sheet foldable books. Save them to share with friends or give them as gifts to your family. Start a library or school for stuffed animals. Use them as daily diaries, lists, and spy notebooks. Create an encyclopedia of your favorite hobbies and ever-expanding knowledge. Collect recipes, jokes, or quotations. These little books are so quick and easy you’ll be writing and publishing in minutes!

All you need is a single sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, pencils, pens, or markers.

Download the PDF for a printable template with step-by-step instructions.

Still confused? Watch this video demonstration.

Wondering What to Write?

Once you’ve mastered a single book, can you figure out how to make a longer book by connecting several individual books with staples, thread, or tape?

Want to add a nice cover to your book? Here’s an accordion book tutorial with instructions for a cover. Can you figure out how to adapt it for your folded books?