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Creating Art Cloth with Resists

making fun foam stamps

This workshop is scheduled for August 8-9, 2020

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Suzi Dillinger

Suzi Dillinger is a quilt artist and instructor focusing on surface design techniques and hand stitching. She enjoys creating one-of-a-kind fabrics and art cloth. Bright colors are a favorite, regardless of the subject matter. A Wisconsin native, Suzi creates and lives in Northern California.

In the class, Creating Art Cloth With Resists, we will learn several methods of applying a resist to fabric. One of those ways is with a Fun Foam stamp. I will be bringing my collection of stamps for students to use, but I thought it might be fun to create your own personalized designs. In this tutorial you will learn to make your own stamps. These stamps are versatile and can be used for many applications. Whether you work with paper or cloth, you will love these stamps.

The supplies are easily sourced. You will need both:

  • 6mm (also known as “thick”) foam sheets, and
  • 2mm “sticky back” sheets in the 9” X 12” size.

My favorite source is JoAnn Fabrics. You can also get similar products from other craft or art suppliers.

You will need some other basic supplies that you probably already have on hand:

  • Rotary cutting mat and ruler.
  • Assorted size rotary cutters (6mm, 45mm, 28mm, 18mm) any/all sizes
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Wide painter’s tape.

Below are a few examples of items created from art cloth made with a resist and foam stamps or stencils. I hope these whet your appetite for viewing the video on how to make the stamps, and for joining me in August for “Creating Art Cloth With Resists”.

Chick Pillow: stencil, resist, thickened dye

Lines & Circles Fabric: foam stamp, resist, textile paint

Large Green Leaf Fabric: ice dyed, resist with foam stamp, overdyed brown immersion

Leaves Jacket: stencil, resist, immersion dyed – twice

Red Textured Fabric: ice dyed, resist with foam stamp, overdyed red immersion